Fuzzy the Eagle

by Tracy L. Mikowski, with Lisa Wamsley

The true story of an eaglet’s journey to freedom

In a small midwestern zoo, two resident eagles unexpectedly have a baby! Kody and Tanka will never fly again, but their eaglet Fuzzy deserves a chance at living a free and natural life. With the help of some friends, Tracy the zookeeper finds the only solution that may give Fuzzy the chance to live free; a new family who will give him the guidance and care he needs to grow up wild. Throughout this journey there are risks and possible heartbreak but Tracy never gives up hope for Fuzzy.

This true story of compassion and understanding will bring you closer to the natural world and open your heart to all the wild creatures that are not so different from ourselves.

Book excerpt…

“Kody and Tanka spread their wings to let the warm spring breeze blow through their feathers. They were American Bald eagles, used to riding the thermals and soaring free in the Northern skies. Kody once lived in Wyoming, and Tanka grew up in Alaska. Both were found injured, and spent time in a raptor rehabilitation center. The hope was to release them back into the wild after they were healed, but their wings were too badly damaged. Sadly, neither would ever be able to fly again. If an eagle can’t fly, it can’t find food or escape predators. They simply can’t survive. But these two eagles were strong in every other way, alert and healthy and full of life. They were transferred to the Clinch Park Zoo, in Traverse City, where they would be watched over and taken care of by people who loved and respected them.”

“This is a heart warming tale. It has all the timeless elements to make for a satisfying read. Best of all it is true. The only valid complaint might be that is is too short. Imagine the vast satisfaction gained by successfully giving back to nature….with love and dedication. Indeed we are our Sisters and Brothers keepers whether they be two legged or winged.”

– Christopher Spear, Library Assistant Youth Services, Traverse Area District Library

“I really love the story and the fact that you were able to release this chick into the wild, to be fostered by some wild parents.  What a feel good thing, and I love the fact also that you included quite a few facts about Bald Eagles which kids would be so interested in.  So few people are ever lucky enough to even see one up close, and I have always thought that the more children knew about wild animals and bird that the more respect and empathy they would have for them. Our kids are the future of our planet, and its future stewards. This book will be such a marvelous one for children!”

– Joan Harris, Award winning author/artist of The Least of These and One Wing’s Gift