Squirt the Otter

by Tracy L. Mikowski

The true story of an orphaned otter who finds friendship & happiness

When a baby otter was found in a farmer’s field, Tracy the zookeeper was called to the rescue. She and her Welsh Corgi Muffin befriended Squirt. They opened their home to her and gave her all the love she needed to grow into a strong healthy otter, but not without their fair share of adventure and adversity along the way!

This is a heartfelt story of love, compassion, and friendship. Tracy, Squirt, and Muffin help us reconnect to the natural world and show us how the bond between humans and creatures can flourish, especially when we open our hearts.

A true tale of how friendship saved a courageous little otter

Squirt and Muffin show us that friendship comes in all forms. This true story demonstrates that friendship and love are the common threads that keep our hearts open and our hopes alive. Squirt, Muffin, and Tracy are unforgettable.

Tor & Raven Are Friends

Special thanks to

Lisa Wamsley

Published by:

Talking Crow Publishing
Haines, AK

ISBN13: 978-0-9860287-0-0

dedicated to Muffin and all the amazing animals of Clinch Park Zoo

Book excerpt…

“The tiny otter curled up in a ball and was nearly asleep when she felt a puff of warm air on her face.

Slowly, she opened one eye. A big black face with a long nose and whiskers was watching her, just inches away.

Squirt didn’t move a muscle, and very slowly the face came nearer. A wet nose nudged her and Squirt cautiously looked up.”

Squirt’s endearing story teaches children about love, trust, and the right time to let go. Tracy, Muffin, and Squirt show us the joy that comes from the companionship of others—both for animals and the people who love and care for them.”

— Carl R. Sams II and Jean Stoick, authors of The New York Times 
best-selling In the Woods children’s picture book series

“The natural world often seems to be receding from us at light speed, and we are often left wondering what to do when the wild and the civilized collide before us up close and personal. Do we intercede or walk away? With wisdom gained from a life’s work with animals, Tracy Mikowski, aided by the adept hand of illustrator P. M. Richard, tells a story from the heart about one such intersection and the life lessons learned about when to help and when to let go.”
— Glenn Wolff, illustrator of It’s Raining Frogs and Fishes
by Jerry Dennis, Flight of the Reindeer and A Child’s
Christmas in New England
 by Robert Sullivan

Visit the otters…

You can visit the otters at The Wild Center located in the Natural History Museum of the Adirondacks in New York State or online at www.wildcenter.org.

You can also visit their Facebook page atwww.facebook.com/